Monday, December 7, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Makes a Great Book?

In my opinion a great book has to have something that catches the reader. No one is going to read your book if it is boring and the characters don't do anything that catches the reader in some way. I've heard that one of the Twilight movies wasn't so good, not as good as the book at least because it was boring. The person had said the characters didn't have the same "excitement" as in the book. I've heard that New Moon was a lot better than the other Twilight movie. They said the characters where more "into" the movie, almost as much Stephanie Meyer put in her books.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some of Sarah's Favorite Books

Some of my favorite books that i have read this year are Lake of Secrets and, Home, and Other, big Fat Lies. Lake of Secrets was a mystery book about a mom and her teenager that move to a small town because the mom wants to find out what happened to her son a long time ago, and how he died. I thought it was a very interesting book to read because of how the characters in the book acted, and what they did for fun in this small town. Home, and Other, Big Fat Lies is the book i am reading right now. So far it is about a pre-teen girl who has bean tossed around in 12 foster homes and no one wants to keep her because of all of her energy and other things. I am liking this book because it gives me a insight on how things in a old, small town are for the kids and parents.